Majestic & Mystique explained!

We have introduced the Mystique range to replace our Majestic, you maybe wondering why? and what exactly is the difference between the two.  Both ranges are virtually identical in look and feel, in fact to the untrained eye you would have great difficulty distinguishing any differences at all.

Maybe you have seen the Majestic on the floor but have to order the Mystique, well don't worry we can put any concerns you may have to rest.

So why did we change it? Timber is the short answer, we are not able to source chestnut any longer.  So we searched for a suitable replacement and settled on Eucalytpus Grandis (Rose Gum) with the same design and stain, the underlying timber difference is undetectable. 

If you have ordered the new Mystique from the Majestic sample on the shop floor sight unseen don't worry it will look the same as the Majestic, there will be slight variations in grain and the stain may lighten over time all these things are completely normal with natural timber products and can be considered features. 

If you have any further questions please let us know using the contact us section of the website. 

Mystique ~ Harvey Norman exclusive

Sara Hall 27-Nov-2014 0 Comments
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