Care Instructions:

The furniture you have purchased is manufactured from high quality materials and constructed with methods used to increase strength and durability. Here are some tips on how you can care for your new product.

Please ensure that your furniture is used as it was intended. Do not sit or stand on table tops and do not stand on or pivot on the back legs of chairs. Lift furniture when moving; do not drag along the ground.
Take care when arranging furniture.
Protect from direct sunlight which can cause timber to fade, dry, crack and warp, and upholstery to fade. 
Do not allow timber to become wet and never place hot food or drinks on timber surfaces.
Do not place furniture over ducted heating/cooling vents.
Do not cover the furniture with glass or plastic in order to protect the timber.


Any liquid spills should be wiped clean immediately to prevent damage or staining.

Wipe timber surface with a clean damp cloth. Keep with the direction of the grain. Do not use any abrasives, polishes, cleaners or oils. 

Please use heat resistant placemats to protect against hot objects and coasters when placing glasses, bottles or cups on the surface. Note that felt collects dust and can be abrasive.

Do not use solvents, alcohol, nail polish, nail polish remover or essential oils near your furniture as they contain chemicals that can damage the surface.

Removing Protective Plastic from Seat Pads:

The most effective way to remove the protective plastic from Eccentric dining chairs is to remove the seat pad first: Place the chair upside down carefully on a flat surface (such as a bench), with the seat pad resting on the surface.

Using a screwdriver or a drill (on a low setting), remove the four retaining screws from the corner blocks.

Separate the seat pad from the frame and discard the protective plastic.

Place the seat pad back on the flat surface and put the frame on top of it. Make sure the seat pad is sitting flush with the frame. Re-insert the four retaining screws but do not tighten them completely.

Put the chair upright and place your weight on the seat pad so that it is firmly in position.

Place the chair upside down again and tighten the screws firmly, but not too tight. Using too much force may damage the base of the seat pad.

Removing Drawer Stoppers:

If you find that the drawer on a new Eccentric product sticks when you open or close it, there is a simple solution. It may be caused by plastic stoppers which are used to prevent the drawers coming open during transport.

These stoppers will usually loosen up with continued usage, but if you need to remove them:
Remove the drawer completely from the unit. In order to do this you may need to release the two black clips on the side rail. 
Follow each metal runner to the back (inside the unit) until you find the plastic stopper (it is approximately 10mm long). 
Gently remove the plastic stopper using a flat-head screwdriver. This is done towards the direction of where the drawer should be. 
Once the stopper has been removed on each side, slide the drawer back into place. 

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